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The adventure & catch of a lifetime awaits in the Florida Keys when you book a fishing excursion with us.

My sexy wife and I getting ready to head out for my birthday dinner a few days ago. Let’s see if any of you can figure out what my new shirt represents?! Good luck! 
Nice Amber Jack, from the other day that kicked everyone’s butt! Got some great pictures, and it was released to fight another day.#amberjack #marathonfloridakeys #floridakeysfishing #catchemallfishing
Hey everyone, well, I have never tried anything like this so here it goes. Hopper which I have bought many many things off of for traveling over the years is making an offer. If you use my QR code and download their app, they will give me a $25 credit for each person. So let’s do it! so if you could please use my code and download their app that would be awesome and I appreciate it very very much! If you do also, I will see it show up on my account and I will definitely make sure to send you a personal note and thank you.#floridakeys #floridalife #vacationhelp
Oooohhh, Barracuda!! It is amazing how many times that song comes on while we are actually fighting a barracuda. Lol. #barracuda #floridakeyslife #floridakeys #catchemallfishing #catchemall #marathonfloridakeys
The fish was so big two grown man cannot hold it up! Oh, and don’t blame me for the picture that’s how I got it. Lol. It’s about a 100 pound amberjack by the way.#amberjackfishing #floridakeysfishing #floridakeysfishingcharters #floridakeys #marathonflorida #marathonfloridakeys
A little rough the past few days but always fun when a nice barracuda shows up! #marathonfloridakeys #marathonflorida #floridakeysfishing #floridakeys
For The people who think the president actually has control over oil prices as opposed to just the outright greed of oil companies. Something to think about.