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Just a boy and his hound fish! Lol. #marathonfloridakeys #marathonflorida #floridakeys #floridakeysfishing
Had this guy on my boat the other day fishing with a group. I’m sure some of you will probably recognize him. His name is Tim Howard, regarded as probably the best goalkeeper in soccer in American history. Me being the big sports person I am I was mad at myself that I did not know who he was. We started talking sports while we were out on the boat, and I found out who it was. seriously great guy and someone who likes to just be one of the crowd making sarcastic jokes and having fun. He hooked a giant amberjack, but unfortunately it got into the bottom and broke him off. Too bad he is still not playing because it would be fun to go watch him in a game.#timhoward
The second largest Amberjack ever caught on my boat today! Heath the guy on the right, fought it all by himself. It almost did him in a few time but he toughed it out. Probably at least right around 100 pounds. The guy on the left there, @timhow1 , unfortunately got smoked by his big amberjack today! Lots of fun today and lots of fish stories!#timhoward
My awesome high school coach and his lovely wife, Nancy getting ready to head to the world championships in Budapest yesterday. Unfortunately, Bryce did not have a great race, but it was still an awesome day of track and field! 
Cross country team with a nice second please for the boys and third place for the girls a few days ago. So happy, both 
my sons are officially now running!
Cross country team with a nice second please for the boys and third place for the girls a few days ago. So happy, both 
my sons are officially now running! 
Well, they said they wanted to go play with the big boys, and they did! Another nice Amber, Jack caught and released. #marathonflorida #floridakeys #floridakeysfishing
Nice amberjack today that we released after already catching some yellowtail’s for dinner. Yes I came and helped him hold it because it whooped his butt! Lol. #amerberjack #marathonflorida #floridakeys #floridakeysfishing #floridafishing #islabellaresort
Nice catch a body we put together today. Not a lot out there today but we made a nice day of it! #mahimahi #floridakeys #marathonflorida #floridakeysfishing #islabellabeachresort
Some pictures of the second day of some great people I had from Colorado. We got some fish so big they would not squeeze in the photos! Multiple species and lots and lots of action! #amberjack #floridakeysfishing #floridakeys #marathonfloridakeys #marathonflorida
Had this wonderful family from Colorado for the past two days. I got a little bit of everything and had a bonus sailfish show up to the party offshore yesterday! Tara, who is in the middle, hooked it, Fitec, and got it to the boat all on her own! Then afterwards, she even jumped in the water after catching her first big fish ever. #sailfishing #marathonfloridakeys #floridakeyslife #floridakeysfishing #floridakeys
A nice picture of my Charter from the other day sent of the 200 pound blue marlin Bacot. It was a great day for them and me of course. Lol. #bluemarlin #floridakeysfishing #marathonfloridakeys
Arlington Cemetery and Lincoln Memorial which needs no explanation.
I’m not religious but the National Shrine is incredible. If you have never been there in Washington DC, it is a must see! my pictures will not do it justice. I am in at the main dome the people you see in the dome, each of them are 34 feet tall! 
Odds and ends from DC.
A few pictures from our trip last week to Asheville. Visited our longtime friends, the Fowler‘s and went hiking up some waterfalls and a mountain. It’s some ridiculous food, and it was a blast! Back to fishing. 
Some pictures from Saturday’s concert Foreigner and Loverboy. Awesome as always, and we ran into some friends who were actually only sitting two rows behind us. Jim and his lovely girlfriend, Amy.  this is supposed to be Foreigners farewell tour. Hard to believe the first time I saw them was it in 1979. I am going to miss seeing them immensely! 
Couple of big barracudas we got the other day. It was on their bucket list and some big boys showed up to the party! Lots of fish and lots of fun! @keywest_community #floridakeysfishing #marathonfloridakeys #marathonflorida #floridakeys