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A nice amber jack we caught a few days before the hurricane. Things are dying down with the weather and it is time to get back to catching some fish! #floridakeysfishing #marathonfloridakeys #amberjackfishing
Great couple I had the other day from my wife’s hometown and it turned out that even went to the same high school as my wife! We caught our limit of tuna and then came inside and hit a few Spots and hooked up this giant amberjack for Brian! The biggest fish he ever has caught in his life and I don’t think he knew a fish could do something like that to his back! Lol. #amberjackfishing #marathonfloridafishing #marathonfloridakeys #floridakeysfishing #floridakeysfishingcharters
Thanks @mainattraction_sportfishing_for the sweet pic!
Go Joe!!
It took all three of these guys to get this thing to the boat but they got it done! Then we gave it a nice release and watched it swim away for another day. #floridakeysfishing #floridakeyslife #marathonfloridakeys #marathonflorida #amberjackfishing
So a barrel of oil today is right at about $100. If you do the math and they speculate the price below, then gas across the nation right now should be right around $2.95. So it has nothing to do with the government and all to do with the greed of the oil companies who have posted two of their largest profits for a quarter in their history. Something to think about.
Good ol’ Coach Schrag and his lovely wife Nancy headed to watch the world championships in Oregon! I was hoping to go there with them but I just could not make it work. Somehow they are  actually having some fun without me! Lol.
Just a wonderful family I had today! Had to take a picture with this awesome young woman who I only had to show once how to free line a bait and she tore it up!#FloridaKeysFishing#muttonsnapper