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Great day with Randy Marston and some of his friends

| By Captain Jeff Shelar

Had a great day a few days ago with my great customer Randy Marston and some of his friends from California. With the sun warming our backs and the gentle sway of the boat, we cast our lines into the turquoise sea. Each strike is exciting with the Mackerel’s quick and spirited runs and somersaults.

The guys had a great time commenting on the  picturesque backdrop and the joy of reeling in these sleek fish, their scales shimmering in the sunlight. Two of Randy Marston’s friends are owners of long range tuna charter boats out of San Diego. They had a great time slaying all sizes of king mackerel which I cleaned for them. The guys planned to smoke the fish and make a really popular meal down here in the keys called fish dip. Their arms were sore after a fun day!

Winter is a great time to catch Mackerel in the Florida Keys, look me up if you are interested!

Mackerel Fishing Charter