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Florida Keys Offshore Fishing Charters

Offshore fishing charters are considered one of the most exciting trip types offered in the Keys because the possibilities are endless. Everyday is different and you never really know what you are going to catch until you get out there.

Captain Jeff keeps his boat rigged and ready for anything and has the experience needed to recognize scenarios as they occur and react quickly and properly.

Offshore fishing often leads to catching Mahi, Tuna, Sailfish and more depending on the time of year and the conditions on any given day.

A 3/4 to Full Day is suggested for Offshore fishing to allow for travel time.

Offshore trips mean the boat is not on anchor and the motors are constantly running as Captain Jeff drives around looking for pelagic species of fish that live in the water column and are constantly on the move.

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What You Can Catch Offshore

Fishing the Florida Keys is all about observing the conditions of the day and adjusting accordingly. Wind speed and direction, air and water temp, current speed and direction, and time of year all play a part in what you can catch. Captain Jeff Shelar has been running fishing charters in Marathon Florida year round for enough decades to recognize the conditions of the day and act accordingly. This is what makes the difference between Fishing and Catching!

Dolphin Fish a.k.a Mahi Mahi

These beautiful fish are found in the Florida Keys offshore in large numbers beginning in late Spring through the summer and sometimes well into the fall. They are a pelagic species that travel in schools over great distances feeding along the way on bait fish hiding under weed lines and floating objects.

Blackfin Tuna

Blackfin Tuna are a sushi-grade, highly desired offshore fish. Captain Jeff typically catches them on the hump which is an underwater mountain located 30+ miles offshore from Marathon, Florida. Captain Jeff fishes the Hump year round as long as Tuna fishing conditions are good


Sailfish are on many anglers bucket-list with good reason.  The high speeds and exciting acrobatics of a hooked sailfish make for memories that last a lifetime. Sailfish season lasts from winter time to early spring but they can be caught year round in the right conditions.


Wahoo are a highly desired catch for their firm, white, melt in your mouth, sushi-grade meat. With razor sharp teeth and capable of speed bursts up to 48 m.p.h this fish is exciting to catch. they can be caught in the fall/winter or in the summer in the right situations and conditions.


Cobia are not only a hard fighting powerful fish they are also fantastic to eat! Cobia like to follow stingrays and sharks and feed off what the sharks kill or the rays flush out of hiding. Cobia are great to eat because their meat is a firm texture and since they primarily eat crab, shrimp and squid their meat has a mild delicious flavor.


Blue and White Marlin are not an everyday catch in the Keys and it takes a good Captain to recognize a Marlin opportunity and capitalize on it. Captain Jeff loves to put his customers on these incredible Sport-fish when they make an appearance. Marlin is considered the creme de la creme of Sport fish. You can catch, photo and release your  Marlin and even get a fiberglass replica mount without having to kill the fish.