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Florida Keys Fishing Photos

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Catch 'Em All Sportfishing

The adventure & catch of a lifetime awaits in the Florida Keys when you book a fishing excursion with us.

As I always say, fish, come in all sizes in all kinds of different colors! #floridakeysfishing #marathonfloridakeys #marathonflorida www.catch-em-all.com
Another nice big old amberjack caught a few days ago. They tagteam this nice catch 50 pounder! Way to go guys.#amberjackfishing #floridakeysfishing #floridakeys #floridafishing #marathonflorida www.catch-em-all.com
Tag teaming a big old amberjack!#amberjack fishing#floridakeysfishing #marathonfloridakeys www.catch-em-all.com
A few more pictures of this great young man who always catches lots of fish on my boat. Small, medium, and even some extra extra large! #floridakeysfishingcharters #floridakeys #marathonfloridafishing www.catch-em-all.com
Just a boy and his big old nurse, shark! #sharkfishing #floridakeysfishing #marathonfloridafishing www.catch-em-all.com
It’s always fun when you catch something you very rarely catch. Catch and Elise spadefish. #floridakeysfishing #marathonflorida #fishingflorida www.catch-em-all.com
Well, another week, and yes, another concert! Lol. Went and saw probably the band I’ve seen the most over my whole life and that is Kansas. They are a little older, but they actually went to my high school Topeka West in Topeka, Kansas. 50th anniversary tour and they put on a great show as always. time flies when you listen to great music! 
Ooooh, Barracuda! #barracudatackle #floridakeysfishingcharters #floridakeys #marathonfloridakeys #marathonfloridafishing www.catch-em-all.com
Big jacks are always fun on light line!#marathonfloridakeys #floridakeyscharters #floridakeys www.catch-em-all.com
A nice 40 inch Cobia they gave her all she wanted in a fight! Then to top it off, it was big enough to keep, so fish tacos for dinner for everyone! Lol. #floridakeysfishing #marathonflorida #marathonfloridakeys #floridakeys www.catch-em-all.com
Amberjack back breaker! #floridakeysfishing #floridakeys #marathonfloridakeys #marathonflorida www.catch-em-all.com
Merry Christmas Everyone!! My present to all of you….
Fish coming all shapes and all sizes and they are all fun to catch! #floridakeysfishing #floridakeys #marathonfloridakeys #marathonflorida www.catch-em-all.com
One of my great clients who have of course over the years have become a good friend Brian. He usually comes down in March or the beginning of April, so unfortunately, grouper season is always closed when he comes. So he came down this year specifically hoping to catch some groupers and maybe keep one for dinner. Well, the trip did not disappoint and we did a little running around but finally found a good spot that was loaded with all sizes of groupers. He kept this nice 22 inch red grouper for dinner for him and his wife, and then we headed in after a fun half day.#grouperfishing #floridakeysfishing #marathonfloridakeys #marathonflorida #catchemall #catchemallfishing www.catch-em-all.com
Really proud of all of these boys the past month. They have been running hard and working towards making a mark at state this year. That is Dillon on the far right and hopefully Caleb will be there with them in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, my son Caleb has had, some setbacks the past few weeks with illness and a hip injury. 
Hard to believe he would be 21 today. Miss you everyday buddy !!
Fish come in all sizes and remember, they are all fun to catch! Had a wonderful time with his family the other day. These two boys even tag teamed a big old amberjack together, and got it to the boat! #floridakeysfishing #marathonflorida #marathonfloridakeys #floridakeys www.catch-em-all.com
Always time for a nice amberjack butt kicking! Lol.#amberjack #marathonfloridakeys #floridakeys #floridakeysfishing www.catch-em-all.com
Just a boy and his hound fish! Lol. #marathonfloridakeys #marathonflorida #floridakeys #floridakeysfishing www.catch-em-all.com
Had this guy on my boat the other day fishing with a group. I’m sure some of you will probably recognize him. His name is Tim Howard, regarded as probably the best goalkeeper in soccer in American history. Me being the big sports person I am I was mad at myself that I did not know who he was. We started talking sports while we were out on the boat, and I found out who it was. seriously great guy and someone who likes to just be one of the crowd making sarcastic jokes and having fun. He hooked a giant amberjack, but unfortunately it got into the bottom and broke him off. Too bad he is still not playing because it would be fun to go watch him in a game.#timhoward www.catch-em-all.com