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Catch a trophy fish of a lifetime!

Read More About Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Charters

Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Charters

Captain Jeff offers Tarpon fishing in April, May and June. Located in Marathon Florida, Captain Jeff can often have you fishing for Tarpon 15 minutes from leaving the dock.

Less travel time, means more fishing time! Tarpon hang out near and under bridges, because they hide in the shadows of the pylons and ambush bait fish as the strong current forces them by.

Captain Jeff has decades of experience positioning his boat perfectly under bridges to drift live baits past those pylons and trigger bites.

Getting a bite is only half the battle. Captain Jeff will instruct you how to fight that fish, and also knows how to drive the boat during your epic battle which is equally important.

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Tarpon Fishing Charter

What You Can Catch Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon fishing requires a lot of experience and preparation to do it successfully with consistency. Fortunately, Captain Jeff is an expert at doing just that. He is one of the most experienced Tarpon guides available in Marathon Florida. The time of year has a huge impact on where Tarpon can be found, and their location determines what Tarpon are most likely to eat in that area. This is why Captain Jeff is such a great find. He knows which baits to use and where to fish increasing your chances of success. When you go out with Captain Jeff to fight a big Tarpon you will soon learn what it means to “Bow to the King!”.


Yellowtail Snapper are a staple in Florida Keys Fishing and for table fair. They are a popular go to when it comes to reef fishing during the cooler months but they can be caught all year round. Not only are they  delicious to eat but they are also lots of fun to catch! Captain Jeff uses light spin tackle for Yellowtail which allows for them to put up a good fight.

Jack Crevalle

Jack Crevalle are a bycatch of targeting Tarpon but they are still a load of fun to catch. While they aren’t very good to eat, they are a great Sportfish to fight on light tackle as they are notoriously strong.

Blacktip Shark

It is not uncommon to encounter a wide variety of sharks when Tarpon fishing.  Captain Jeff uses circle hooks and when that hook finds the corner of the mouth of a hungry shark you are welcome to fight that too! This happens usually with Blacktip and smaller Bull sharks.  There are also very large Hammerheads and Bull Sharks around, but those are usually more interested in eating a whole Tarpon rather than a Tarpon bait.