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Florida Keys Fishing Reports

Mahi in September!


Nice 32 pound mahi-mahi caught yesterday by the bishop party. We hit the mother load and by the time I got done cleaning fish we almost filled two five gallon buckets of fillets. Awesome day guys! Fun fact about Mahi, also known as Dolphinfish, these fish have a remarkable ability to grow quickly, with some … Read more

Great day out on the water

Dolphinfish Charter

Great day out on the water with Jim and his wife and his friends. We hammered some nice dolphin and ended up with two big slammers. The biggest one was 53.3 pounds which made the 34 pounder look little! It also came out of the water in a brilliant blue color that was gorgeous. The … Read more

Noodle Arms!


Keith Anderson and his whopping Amberjack he caught today. Needless to say, this was the last fish of the day because after this his arms were noodles! Greater Amberjack is known for their remarkable strength making them powerful swimmers, capable of reaching high speeds in the water. They are highly sought after by anglers due … Read more

Mahi Fishing Fun


Kevin, Rebekah, and Caleb with their nice catch of Mahi today. We kept enough to fill a 5 gallon bucket and then caught and released at least another 20. There was some great action today. A lot of people call these beautiful fish by their Hawaiian name Mahi-Mahi but their real name is Dolphinfish or Coryphaena … Read more