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Great 4 days of fun!

| By Captain Jeff Shelar

I have had a lot of fun these past four days of trips. I have been catching a lot of amberjacks and permit lately. Both fish are in the same family, but that’s where the comparisons end. The greater amberjack is a strong and tough fish with a silvery body and a dark stripe running from its nose to its fin. These fish hang around wrecks, reefs, and deep ocean areas. When people go fishing for them, they need sturdy gear because amberjacks are powerful fighters.

If you are coming fishing with me, don’t worry, I have all the gear you will need! They eat smaller fish and squid and can grow well over a hundred pounds, making them a thrilling catch for fishermen in the Keys.

Permit are smalller fish but also really fun to catch. Because they eat crabs that is a great bait to use. They’re silvery with a distinctive shape and a forked tail. These fish are picky eaters, often found in shallow waters near sandy flats and around mangroves. I find them quite a bit around wrecks in the spring when they spawn. When hooked, permit put up a strong fight, making the experience of reeling them in both thrilling and rewarding. These fish are highly prized for their elusiveness and the skill needed to catch them, adding to the allure of fishing adventures in the Florida Keys.

Nice picture of Tom and Tony some of my great UK boys from last week. They fished with me for four days and we just had a great time catching a little bit of everything.

If you are interested in catching either of these fish give me a ring or visit my contact page,