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Mahi Action with Ryan and Marc

| By Captain Jeff Shelar

Some real nice gaffers and slammers caught by Ryan and Marc last Wednesday. The current was ripping but we found them and had a great time! Mahi, also known as dolphin fish, are a thrilling catch in the Florida Keys with their vibrant colors and spirited behavior. When the waters are warm, these fish love to roam, often congregating around floating debris, seaweed, or even buoys. They’re known for their acrobatic leaps and energetic fight once hooked.

Ryan and Marc used their skillful techniques (along with my help ha!) to lure these beautiful fish. Mahi are attracted to various baits such as squid, ballyhoo, or even artificial lures that mimic flying fish. Landing these Mahi, especially the gaffers (big ones) and slammers (even bigger ones), was an exhilarating challenge, creating lasting memories of a thrilling day out on the open seas.

Feel free to reach out you if you are interested in fishing offshore or on the reef in the Florida Keys.