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Amberjack Gallery

Zach and his reef Donkey!

Went fishing with Zach and AJ from Shawnee, Kansas. Here is a photo of Zach with his Amberjack! An interesting fact about amberjack is their impressive strength and powerful swimming ability. These fish are renowned for their muscular build, which enables them to put up a significant fight when hooked. Amberjacks are incredibly strong swimmers, and … Read more

Noodle Arms!


Keith Anderson and his whopping Amberjack he caught today. Needless to say, this was the last fish of the day because after this his arms were noodles! Greater Amberjack is known for their remarkable strength making them powerful swimmers, capable of reaching high speeds in the water. They are highly sought after by anglers due … Read more

Big Amberjack!

Greater Amberjack

Big fat amberjack caught today by Mason. It absolutely kicked his butt! Greater amberjacks (Seriola dumerili) are powerful swimmers and known for their impressive speed and strength. It is said that they are capable of reaching speeds of up to 50 miles per hour when swimming in open waters! I’ve never seen one swim that … Read more

Fishing with the Deutche family

Mutton Snapper

Had a nice day out with Eddie and his family. We caught a nice 46lb King Mackerel, and a decent sized Amberjack. Eddie also caught a really nice Mutton Snapper near a wreck using a butterfly ballyhoo. Butterfly Ballyhoo work great for Mutton Snapper. In case you don’t know how to do that here are … Read more