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Mahi On Fly – Florida Keys Fishing Report Dec 2018

| By Captain Jeff Shelar

My repeat client Ron Moon does it again with a couple of nice trophy fish on the day. Ron set his sights on the famous Dolphinfish, a vibrant and acrobatic fish. I never get tired of seeing the water erupt with excitement as a school of Mahi darts around my boat, their dazzling shades of green, yellow, and blue captivating our attention.

 Most people don’t even think of catching Mahi on fly but it is a ton of fun! Mahi are very aggressive eaters most of the time and happy to chase down all types of lures including spinners, poppers and flies. Mahi is a great species to learn to saltwater fly fish for because the schools come right up behind the boat ready to eat. Once you have plenty of practice and confidence you can move up to even more challenging fly fishing targets such as Sailfish and White Marlin!

The day ended with a huge Queen Snapper, giant Almaco Jack, and a nice 20 pound Mahi-Mahi on fly. My best friend Captain Mike got to come with me and help out, we had a total blast. Learn More About My Offshore Fishing Charters  or Book Your Own Fishing Adventure