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Fun Sailfish Trip

| By Captain Jeff Shelar

We went sailfishing today with my great customers Dave and Sue Steeley with the help of my good friend Captain Michael Taute. We went five out of seven on sailfish and we deadsticked all of the fish.

Once hooked, fighting the sailfish on a deadstick involves managing the rod and reel without actively reeling in or continuously manipulating the line. It requires skillful rod handling and careful management of the line tension, leveraging the rod’s strength to tire out the fish while avoiding excessive pressure that might result in a broken line or pulled hook.

During the fight, the angler must maintain a balance between applying enough pressure to tire out the fish and allowing it to run when necessary. This process can involve a back-and-forth battle as the sailfish uses its speed and strength to resist being brought closer to the boat.

Deadsticking for sailfish requires patience, as the angler relies more on the fish’s natural movements and the rod’s power rather than actively reeling in the line. The goal is to tire out the sailfish gradually until it can be safely brought alongside the boat for tagging and release or, in some cases, for keeping if the catch is legal and within regulations.

I put the boat into neutral and then just stayed close enough so that they could fight the fish. It was a little rough but that is what the fish like! Fun day!