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Offshore Day Of The Year….

| By Captain Jeff Shelar

Well it was a great week offshore. We had several days of nice mahi mahi, but one stood out among the rest. Had a charter of four great guys that knew how to work the fish pretty well. So I stayed up in the upper station and looked for fish. About an hour into the trip I spotted something big bobbing in the ocean. I let the guys know and they got ready. As I drove by the floater, the ocean turned blue and their were mahi mahi everywhere. We started hooking up left and right. It was sheer pandemonium for about three hours as we  kept going back and picking fish off by the floater. The floater by the way was a tractor tire. By the time the fish finally had enough of us we had put 30 fish in the cooler. The average sized one was around 12lbs. and the largest was a nice 34lb. bull. We were cleaning fish for over two hours and they had to go to K-Mart and buy another cooler!

Well, Until Next Week….

Capt. Jeff

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