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Great Week Of Variety…

| By Captain Jeff Shelar

Well, we started off the week with some craziness on the reef. We were finishing up a half day looking for a few amberjacks. Just started to drop a bluerunner down when two big dark shadows appeared behind the boat. I thought at first it was a couple of dolphin trying to get the bait. As Justin reeled up the bait they followed it up right to the boat. Next thing ya know a nice 10ft. tiger shark ate the bluerunner right off of the surface. He cut through the 80lb. mono instantly and sat right by the boat. The other shark hung just below him waiting for it’s turn. I cut up some runners quickly and the charter fed the sharks as I quickly re-rigged with wire. We then dropped a hooked bait in and the other shark that was hanging back rushed up and ate it immediately. As the first shark took off the tiger just kept circling the boat. So we wired up some 30lb. spin gear. Dropped a bait over and he ate it. the guys fought the two sharks for about 40 minutes before we got the first one beside the boat. It turned out to be a giant silky shark. We got some great pics and released it. We then focused our attention on the hooked tiger shark. We were just getting him up to the side of the boat when the hook pulled out. It was a great fight and I’ve never seen a tiger shark swimming with a silky shark.

Well, Until Next Week….

Capt. Jeff

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