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Catching Barracuda In The Keys

| By Captain Jeff Shelar

Caught a nice sized Barracuda with Renée today. Also caught a nice one with Steve last week.

We don’t keep them for food, but alot of local fisherman use them for cut bait. Kids absolutely love catching them too because they have some very cool looking sharp prehistoric looking teeth.

The reason we don’t eat Barracuda, particularly the large ones, can potentially pose health risks if consumed due to the presence of ciguatera toxin.

Ciguatera toxin is a naturally occurring poison that can accumulate in certain predatory fish, including Barracuda, as they feed on smaller fish that have ingested toxic algae.

Barracuda is one of those fish that can be found in the Florida Keys pretty much year-round.

Barracuda Charter
Renée and her Barracuda.
Steve and his Barracuda.