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Fishing Trip with Gary and Junior

| By Captain Jeff Shelar

Gary Spiker and his son Junior caught some nice fish with me last week. You might notice a couple of beautiful Red Grouper below. Red grouper are not as common as black but we have plenty of them,

The Red Grouper, Epinephelus morio, is a striking fish that sports a vivid reddish-brown hue, round body, large mouth, and prominent eyes. My clients LOVE catching these fish as they taste amazing and their flesh has a white firm texture. These reef dwellers typically inhabit rocky bottoms, ledges, and coral reefs. They are typically alone or in very small groups. They love to eat small live baits and sometimes a snapper you have on the line!

If you want to catch Grouper, or any of the other wonderful species of fish that we have on the reef here in the Keys, give me a ring at (305) 481-4568 or visit my contact page.

Red Grouper