Offshore And Some Big Lobsters….

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Well, we hit the offshore most of the week. Lots of nice catches of mahi mahi with a few medium tuna thrown in. Most of the fish were pretty far out, but once you found them they kept us busy. We found one patch of grass that must have had 200 schoolie dolphin under it. Lots

Windy Week But Great Action….

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Well, this week was windy but just great all around. We had good action on the reef with some nice mangrove snapper. Offshore was decent, but lots of small mahi mahi. We did a little deep dropping a few days. Caught some nice amberjacks and a few nice mutton snappers. All in all a fun week.


Week Of Midwesterners…

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Well, this week I fished a bunch of people from the middle of the country. Lots of fish, and lots of fun. I fished four of the days with The Etheridges and two of their friends. We had a great four days of variety. Lots of big tarpon, which J.D. couldn’t get enough of. We also

Nice Week For Variety

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Well, the week was really split up with a little of everything. I had a few days offshore, a few days family fun fishing, and lots of tarpon trips. The tarpon bite has remained pretty steady with lots of big fish. Several tarpon around 100lbs, with the majority being larger than that. The fun fishing were

Mahi Mahi in September? Yes!!

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Yes, I’m writing a report! Time to shock everyone! The fishing the past few months has just been great!

The offshore fishing for mahi mahi has been some of the best late season fishing I’ve seen in years. Lots of nice fish in the 8-15lb. range, with usually a few bigger fish thrown in. A few weeks