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Lisa’s Big Lane Snapper

| By Captain Jeff Shelar

Lisa caught a big ol’ Lane Snapper today. Lane snapper, are known for their delicious taste. These snappers inhabit reefs and rocky areas, displaying a distinctive red or pink hue with yellow stripes running along their bodies. Found in shallow to moderate depths, usually around 30 to 200 feet, they prefer areas with structures like wrecks or ledges. Lane snapper are relatively smaller in size compared to other snapper species, typically reaching lengths of around 10 to 12 inches. The world record for them is currently 8lbs and 3oz.

I love targeting these fish for their mild, sweet flavor. They make for a delightful addition to a day’s catch when fishing in the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys and they make an even better lunch!

Give me a ring at (305) 481- 4568 if you would like to catch some Snapper of your own.