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I’m Dreaming Of Tarpon…

| By Captain Jeff Shelar

Well, I pretty much fished for tarpon everyday this week except for one day. Lots of big fish still coming through. We had one tarpon that the charter fought for an hour and thirty six minutes! It pulled us over two miles and I estimated it somewhere around 160-170 pounds. It was a big fish and we released it after a great fight. The one day I did something else we fished a half day in the channel. It was the middle part of one of my Catch ‘Em All days. I bought 20 dozen shrimp and I’m glad I did. We had less than a dozen left at the end of the day. We ended up catching 14 different species of fish. They took a nice bag of filets home for dinner the next day. Well, Until Next Week….

Capt. Jeff