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Great Week For Offshore….

| By Captain Jeff Shelar

Well, the offshore fishing for beginning of August was just great. Lots of nice catches of mahi mahi with at least a few big fish caught everyday. We caught most everything on 20lb. spin which made it just that more fantastic. The highlight of the week would have to be today with the Kreslows. We headed offshore and it was pretty rough. We found a nice weedline at about 700 feet. Started working it and a big school of skipjacks started busting bait on it. We followed them and would cast lures into the feeding frenzy and get hooked up instantly. After catching four of them we started looking for some dolphin. After about 40 minutes we hit our first ones. Put a nice 14 pounder in the boat and then the s%*t hit the fan. I saw a nice set of birds down the weedline and headed towards them. Next thing I knew, the ocean turned bright blue. There were mahi mahi everywhere! the small fish were 10-15 pounders with lots of 20-30 pounders. We followed the school for two hours and caught all we needed. The largest one we boated was just shy of 30 pounds. It was probably the most big mahi mahi I’ve ever seen in one school. Just a fun day with some fun people. Did I mention my main angler was only 11?!

Well, Until Next Week….

Capt. Jeff