Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2017-08-24T14:50:42-04:00
When do you actually get to spend time with your family?2019-09-17T15:01:44-04:00

Well obviously I am partial, but when it comes to my family they are incredibly patient and supportive with my business. They will come down to my boat and help me clean the boat, or get ice, or hang out with the charter. So we may not always have a ton of quantity time, but we really do try to make the most of our quality time.

What do we do if the weather is bad?2019-09-16T13:51:33-04:00

Unfortunately bad weather is one of the few things I have no control over. If there is bad weather for your schedule day then hopefully I have another day open that we can reschedule for while you are here. If this is not possible then you get a full refund back on your deposit and hopefully you can make it down another time and we can go fishing then.

After all of these years, do you still like fishing?2019-09-17T15:03:34-04:00

Yes, I really do still love to fish and take people fishing. I get comments from people all of the time who say how I get more excited then them, especially when it comes to big fish. For me nothing beats watching a big tarpon come up and slam a Mullet on the surface. Or live baiting in the winter for sailfish and watching it chase down a bait and then before you know watching the line start disappear off of the reel as it free jumps across the ocean. The day these things get old is the day I quit. You just cannot do all of the daily ins and outs of this business if it is not something you love!

How many people are we allowed to take out on the boat?2019-09-16T13:51:33-04:00

By law, I am allowed to take out up to six people not including myself. I would say my typical charter is 2 to 4 people. I fish a lot of families of four people who just want to go out and catch lots of fish and lots of different species.

Are there any other charges for the fishing trip that I should be aware of?2019-09-16T13:51:34-04:00

I try to make fishing with me as easy and stress-free as possible. So everything for the price we speak about is included. The only other thing that is not included monetarily is if you give a traditional tip. Most people will tip me the same as though they are in a restaurant. 15 to 20% is probably the norm. Hopefully you have a great time and want to come back to be one of my regulars!

What should I bring when I come fishing with you?2019-09-17T15:06:42-04:00

I usually tell people that I provide pretty much everything but the food and drinks. Obviously there might be a few other things you want to bring such as sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, etc. If you have a long drive home bring a cooler to ice up and travel with your catch.

What kind of bait are we going to be using for fishing?2019-09-16T13:53:20-04:00

There are many different types of bait to use depending on what type of fish we are going to try to catch. Many of these baits I actually catch on my own time and keep pinned up in the cages next to my boat. On a very rare occasion do we have to go and actually catch the bait we will be using that day for fishing. So 95% of the time when we leave the dock we are headed out to go fishing, not to catch bait.

Are there any restaurants in a town where we could take our fish?2019-09-16T13:53:20-04:00

There are several restaurants here in town that are more than happy to cook your catch. While we are in the boat fishing feel free to ask about any special recommendations. Then all you have to do is take them to the restaurant and eat them!

If we catch some fish we want to eat, what do we do with them?2019-09-16T13:53:20-04:00

I will clean, fillet, and if needed vacuum pack your fish fillets for you to take home and eat at a later date.

Does your boat have a bathroom?2019-09-17T15:10:24-04:00

Yes, my boat has a bathroom right under the center console. It is a fully functioning toilet, not a porta potty. I am even so fancy I have toilet paper!

Who taught you how to fish?2019-09-17T15:09:45-04:00

Well my first real teacher was my grandmother. She knew enough about fishing as a small town Kansas girl to get me started. As I got older my wonderful cousin Roger taught me a lot of the ins and outs and subtleties of fishing for the various species in Kansas. Growing up and fishing with very subtle bites helped me a lot for saltwater fishing. Fishing with several different captains in the Florida Keys, Costa Rica, and Mexico really helped me hone my skills. Unfortunately there are just too many to name but one of my best teachers was Robert Ross in Cabo San Lucas. He really taught me how to look for the little things that make a difference in the ocean. Plus he had the eyes of a hawk and could spot a tailing striped marlin from half a mile away!

How long have you been fishing?2019-09-17T22:14:58-04:00

Well, I’ve been fishing pretty much all my life. My first memories of fishing are when I was four years old and my grandmother taking me out to go fishing in the family farm pond in Williamsburg Kansas. My official fishing career started in 1995 here in Marathon. I started working for a marina while learning the ropes of being a mate on a charter boat. I mated it on several boats for about four years here in Marathon, Costa Rica, and a few places in Mexico. Then I finally had the confidence to start my own business.

What do I need to bring with me on the trip?2019-09-17T22:15:44-04:00

Bring beverages and food you want to consume. A cooler will be on the boat with ice for these items. However, we suggest you bring a cooler to put your fillets in for the ride home.

Why fish the Florida Keys?2019-09-17T15:13:06-04:00

The 125 mile long stretch of 1700 islands that make up  the Florida Keys creates an extremely  unique fishing environment. With warm weather year round and over 600 species of fish to catch, the Florida Keys provides excellent fishing year round .

The keys offer back-country fishing that features Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Redfish and Snook.  Reef & wreck fishing is also very good in the keys  including many different types of Snapper, Grouper, Jacks and of course the adrenaline pumping  excitement of  offshore fishing where anglers target Blue and White Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish, Tuna and Dolphin.

Whatever you are looking to catch I am  ready to be your guide. Just give him me a call or email and let me know your needs and I will book your fishing adventure for you!